ecto for blog desktop editing

ecto looks nice but some things are not easy to achive. potential is good but could be easier to use.

pros: it seems a bit easier eith the richt text editor of ecto to create flexible messages and intergate multi media materials. Even iPhoto and iTunes is integrated so this is the thing I was looking for. Nice product. Even copy and paste of images works lets see the post.

cons: ids of messages are not automatically set correct. Images can not easily be submitted.

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MarsEdit as local editor for posting entries

marsedit might be an easy way to add posting from a desktop mac client I am currently testing this. Find a review of MarsEdit here.

Inserting images is still not that easy like it should be.
Categories work fine.
The layout of contents is still via html that is not that nice an easy way to layout and full integration with OS for drag and drop would be much better or did I miss something?

an alternative is ecto ecto website

Ideen von MMORPG für Lernumgebungen

Massive(ly) Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game sind ein führendes Genre neuer online Spiele. World of Warcraft beispielsweise bietet dem Spiele beispielsweise eine virtuelle Welt in der er Abenteuer erlebt und Quest loest. Spannend daran sind Ideen diese Formen von virtuellen Welten mit all ihrer Vielfalt auch in Lernsimulationen zu verwenden, bzw. Ideen zum Feedback und der Nutzerführung in Lernumgebungen zu integrieren.

WoW von Blizzard

Das Daedalus Project beschäftigt sich mit der Anwendung von MMORPG. Aktueller Beitrag: The psychology of MMORPGs.

Workshop on IMS LD at AH2006

I will organize a workshop on IMS Learning Design and Personalized Learning at the Adaptive Hyperrmedia Conferences 2006.

The 2006 International Conference on Adaptive Hypermedia and Adaptive Web-Based Systems (AH2006) will take place in the National College of Ireland in Dublin, Ireland. AH2006 will be the fourth in a very successful conference series that began in Trento, Italy in 2000, with subsequent conferences held in Malaga, Spain (2002) and Eindhoven, the Netherlands (2004). AH2006 is being held co-operation with the ACM SIGWEB, SIGART, ACM SIGIR, AIED Society.

Adaptivity and IMS LD

Learning is currently intertwined in any human activity. Humans apply their knowledge and extend it when performing various tasks. Activities differ but generic learning processes can be adapted to those differences. Professional learning is especially characterized by learning on demand fitting the context of workplace performance. Nowadays, workplaces must more and more be seen as a challenge to the learner to higher his or her own employability, where learner can access a large pool of resources for life long professional development.

Social Software for Professional Learning

together with several collegagues i authored a paper about social software for professional learning for ICALT 2006. find it attached.

Ralf Klamma is the main author of the paper. Thanks to Ralf !

Ralf Klamma, Mohamed Amine Chatti, Erik Duval, Sebastian Fiedler, Hans Hummel, Ebba Thora Hvannberg, Andreas Kaibel, Barbara Kieslinger, Milos Kravcik, Effie Law, Ambjörn Naeve, Peter Scott, Marcus Specht, Colin Tattersall, Riina Vuorikari from PROLEARN Network of Excellence

Paper on Architectures for Contextualized Learning

I wrote a paper with Andreas Lorenz and Andreas Zimmermann about architectures for mobile and contextualized learning for the ICALT 2006 conference.

Abstract: The paper introduces the background and motivation for contextualized learning experiences and a short overview of recent research work on valuable mobile applications for learning. Based on a background of situated cognition and situated learning authentic learning experiences can be supported by a variety of context parameters. The paper illustrates a general architecture for contextualized applications and identifies important issues for contextualizing learning experiences and learning content.