YouTube EDU or iTunes U

Youtube EDU was launched, so more and more video based portals looking at Open Content.

Mit YouTube EDU geht ein direkter Konkurrent zu Apples iTunesU an den Start. Zahlreiche Videos aus den so genannten Partneruniversitäten wie das MIT, Yale, Harvard oder Stanford wurden zusammengetragen und können sich auf die Youtube-typische Art und Weise angeschaut, abonniert und kommentiert werden. Darüber hinaus gibt es ein eigenes Suchformular, welches nur die Edu-Inhalte ausliest.

Nokia’s Ideas Project, Metadata, Ubiquity and Sensors

Nokia is researching things around ubiquity, sensor data and how user experiences will change. Very interesting project, just explore!

Ideas Project: “Welcome to IdeasProject, an entirely new way to connect with some of the most visionary and influential thought leaders in communications technology and their disruptive ideas. A project of Nokia, hosted at, IdeasProject brings together these important big thinkers to contemplate the big ideas that matter most to the future of communications, joining them up through video clips, links, articles, podcasts and dynamic maps to push the boundaries of Web navigation and the thought process itself. Explore the IdeasProject Web site, subscribe to its RSS feed, join its Twitter feed (ideasproject), and come back often to learn about great new big ideas as they break.” enables mobile access

Mobify gives you the opportunity to make your webpage well readble on mobile devices, It seems like the thing basically decomposes the dom elements works as an proxy and you can select and edit the dom compoents you would like to have in your mobile version for different clients like iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry, and so on. Pretty similar to what the german company Sevenval does.

Mobify service offers a demo to display how your website will look and includes this explanation:

Mobile in Minutes — Use Mobify to create a fully functional, lightweight version of your site which loads up to 100x faster, looks great on mobile and lives on a URL like Designing mobile views is far more efficient than developing standalone mobile websites or iPhone applications.

Follow the Mobile User and everything else will follow

Vic Gundotra, Vice President of Engineering for Google’s mobile and developer products talks about the importance of mobile services and mobile computing support. Since 2007 mobile access to information has quintupled, PC sales has gone down. So mobile access furthermore is connected to alot of key issues like better user experience, contextualized access and so on. So if industry finds good solutions for supporting the mobile user everyhing else will follow according to Vic.

Stanford Teaching iPhone Development for Free

This is an interesting resource for iPhone development from an applied class at Standford.

Apple, Stanford Teaching iPhone Development for Free | Gadget Lab from "Apple and Stanford University this week will begin offering free videos and course materials on iPhone application development. Video recordings of Stanford’s 10-week computer science class, taught by two Apple employees, will be freely downloadable through Apple’s iTunes U educational channel. The course’s syllabus and slides will be freely available on iTunes as well."

New Book on Mobile learning by Mohamed Ally from Athabasca University

It is an open source book so you can
download the E-book for free from the following URL. Feel free to
distribute the link to your colleagues and students. Also, you can place
a link to the book on your websites so that anyone can access the
information for the book.

Dr. Mohamed Ally is Director and Professorat the Centre for Distance Education, Athabasca University