Tegrity Notes is cool

Yesterday evening I got a demo of a tool called Tegrity Notes.

It is basically a tool for recording video streams synchronous with slides, it was designed in the beginning for recording seminars in university and converting them to standard compatible broadcasts.

The notes components does the following:
You can write on paper while watching the broadcast or the live seminar with a special pen that records all yous notes you do on the paper and stores it inside the pen.
Afterwards you can save your personal notes in your portfolio and watch then when the video runs. and !! when you point to a part of your digitalized annotations it directly jumps to the timestamp in the video at which you have drawn this annotation. It really works very nice. I was quite impressed.

for basic product info see:

Call for Papers TenCompetence Workshop

CFP: Learning Networks for Lifelong Competence Development

March, 30-31, 2006, Sofia, Bulgaria.

This workshop is organized by the EU 6th Framework Integrated Project TENCompetence.

The objective of the workshop is to identify and analyse current research and technologies in the fields that provide the building blocks for the development of an open source infrastructure that contains all the services needed to support individuals, teams and organisations to (further) develop their competences, using all the distributed knowledge resources, learning activities, units of learning and learning routes/programmest that are available online. This includes open, usable and accessible services for:

  • the creation, sharing, discovery and use of knowledge resources, learning activities and learning paths by any individual, team or organisation.
  • the development, use, monitoring and maintenance of competence frameworks for the different professions or domains of knowledge.
  • the assessment of competences
  • the registration, use and sharing of personal data (profiles, portfolios, …)
  • the discovery of suitable learning resources that are adapted to the users needs and profile
  • the support of users to navigate through all the possible learning resources to build specific competences
  • the support for users to learn in new fields and the support for the people who provide the support (e.g. by providing monitoring services, help by email handling).