the obsession of reverse engineering drum machine beats …

I really like drum’n’bass  and Jojo Mayer is one of my favorite drummers … in his TED X talk he talks about reverse engineering drum machine beats to play machine beats as a human. He talks about creating the illusion of being a machine as a human … a fake … he talks about freeing himself as at the moment when he had developed the skills to play like a machine he could add emotion and improvisation … really like this approach what would that mean about a post machine approach or a cybernetic approach … interesting perspective …

so humans that can compute the difference between 0 and 1 😉

check it out at


Ubuntu, Cheap Asus Laptop, and SSD

Just have setup an ASUS F201E with a SSD drive and Ubuntu on it. I will use that setup to test out some minimal setups and Ubuntu software.

This looks like a really good working machine.

  • Fast and responsive
  • Price of the complete setup together 300 Euros
  • Lightweight like a Macbook Air
  • I say all software free that I basically need beside special development stuff for OS X
  • Dropbox works good
  • LibreOffice is nice, some compatibility might come up
  • web-based iCLoud on an Ubuntu Laptop might be interesting


  • keyboard not that good as a MacBook one
  • trackpad strange if you are used to MacBook, with external mouse is ok, probably with more EMACS use this will be irrelevant 😉
  • battery life not 5 hours or more but about 3 when you save
  • but Hei, at least I know more or less what eats up the disk space on my machine.
  • Some syncing difficult, so why is there no Evernote client for Ubuntu, the ones I tried have not made me enthusiast .
  • missing Jottacloud client

So more to come.