Mobile Learning Day 2010 in Hagen

Today I am talking at the mobile learning day 2010 in Hagen. Still I think this is one of the most interesting events for mobile learning in Germany. Very interesting presentation of Dr. Matthias Kose of mobilinga about some stats and strategies how to make an app sucessful and what can be different app store strategies. My presentation that I did in in the morning with is embedded below. BTW search for mobile learning presentation there are really nice presentations.

Making Moodle ready for the Real world

Last week Christian Glahn presented a paper about the guts of a Moodle toolkit for connecting the VLE to multi device spaces at the MLearn conference in Malta. The paper has the title ’embedding moodle into ubiquitous computing environments’ and is available on dspace.

The paper describes the underlying concepts and the architecture that has been used for the first prototype in the CELSTEC laboratory. Below you can flip through the slides of the presentation.