CELSTEC co-organizer of Mobile Learning Day 2010

CELSTEC is co-organizer of the Mobile Learning Day 2010 at Fernuniversität Hagen (http://mlearning.fernuni-hagen.de/mld-programm/).

I will give there an opening keynote and an overview of mobile learning research projects and application fields for mobile learning. The program will highlight research and business projects in the area of Mobile Learning and feature Workshops on Educational Aspects, Implementation of Mobile Apps on iPhone and iPad, as also Android applications. Registration is free and still open at http://mlearning.fernuni-hagen.de/mld-anmeldung/ .

Best educational iPhone app

This is the most promising app for education that I have seen so far in the app store: WikiServer. The interface is crap and not well-suited for a tiny screen, but the idea is great.

WikiServer does what it says on the tin, it installs a wiki server – on your iPhone. Other people on the same WiFi network can easily connect to the same wiki and co-edit pages. This is really cool, and I can imagine lots of different (campus-based) group work activities, that would instantly enhance teaching and learning. Imagine, for example, students in a lab working on some project (at different tables), sharing their findings via such a wiki. You can also connect from a normal PC browser, so it’s also platform independent. How wonderful is that!

Shame that the interface is not geared up for a small mobile screen and big fingers, so the in-line editor is really unusable, and when the keyboard is up, you can see even less of it. These are things that should be fixed, but I guess on an iPad it already works much better.