Networking Session on Professional Learning and Beyond

Martin Wolpers from KU Leuven and Professional Learning Cluster organized a session on Professional Learning and Beyond at the IST2006 event. I gave a very short presentation about the TENCompetence project.

You can download the presentation from DSpace of the OUNL it is distributed under Creative Commons Licence here.

I gave also two examples of using contextualized learning and gaming for professional learning support.

TENCompetence Winter School 2007

I am a coorganizer of the the TENCompetence Winter School is considered as an intense training and collaboration on the core topics related to the TENCompetence project, building the European Network for lifelong competence development. The programme includes lectures and hands-on sessions from leading experts in the field. Our ambition is to stimulate emergence of special interest groups and learning networks as well as to support joint research opportunities. PhD students from the PRO-LC Cluster as well as from outside are invited to participate and become part of the TENCompetence research community.

Find more information about the Winterschool here.