Keynote at NBE2013 Conference in Finland

Today I gave a talk at the NBE2013 conference in Pyhä, FInland.

The conference is in a very nice location in Lappland/FInland and the title Media Education in No Man’s Land really fits as we are out in the wild and discussing on the use of media and technologies in education.

Here I provide some background and information for the talk:

  1. All our slides and the referred papers can be found on In my talk I referred to several related works and organisations these included:

    1. as the organisation in the Netherlands for linking ICT and Schools.
    2. is the WIKIwijs project for creating and aggregating learning materials in dutch schools
    3. 4 in balance for introducing new technologies in eduational settings, this can be found on the website
  2. Some PhD Works I referred to are

    1. Glahn, C. (2009). Contextual support of social engagement and reflection on the Web. Doctoral thesis. September, 18, 2009, Heerlen, The Netherlands: Open University of the Netherlands, CELSTEC.
    2. Verpoorten, D. (2012). Reflection amplifiers in self-regulated learning. Doctoral thesis. November, 9, 2012, Heerlen, The Netherlands: Open Universiteit (CELSTEC). Datawyse / Universitaire Pers Maastricht.
    3. Kelle, S. (2012). Game Design Patterns for Learning. November, 9, 2012, Heerlen, The Netherlands: Open Universiteit in the Netherlands, CELSTEC. Aachen: Shaker Verlag.
  3. The toolking ARLearn I was referring to, you can find information about ARLearn here
  4. You can soon find my slides on but now already have a look at my slideshare.