I robot you robot ?

I just came across a call for participation for:

Program 1st International Conference on Human Robot Personal Relationship

interesting program. I have not been aware of how far the discussion in this area already go but check out agenda talks like:

  • Me Robot, You Jane (Prof.dr. Sally Wyatt, Maastricht University, The Netherlands)
  • Improving Human-to-Human Relationships through the Use of Personal Robotics (Mrs. J. Pransky, Kenwood, USA (Video-conference)

So am I blogging or is it my robot 😉

back to drummin

Hi all, back on blogging and back on drummin again. in the last months my son Konrad Lee Specht was born so I was busy with more important things than blogging. furthermore I have started drumming again and after several years of not playing I got myself a roland electronic drum set to be able to play in my flat. nice practice drum set!

So about drummin: browsing some archives and looking back into drummer stuff i found some videos of Jojo Mayer from whom I had some drum lectures in around 88 in Zürich. I like Jojo’s drumming style a lot and he is really big in drum’n base stuff, one of my favourite videos see below:

[youtube psScSXzqgy0]

BTW the try to get into his concerts you will like it ;-).