A new start …

More reflection on learning and your own development that is the goal so I am making a new start with this blog here.┬áLot of things have changed since my last blog post. I just started with THREE new great Universities – University of Leiden – Erasmus University Rotterdam – and University of Technology Delft. Lots of things to learn, lots of things to reflect on.

Today I read a article about personalisation in MOOCS and beside some interesting overview there is still a lot of interesting things to do for personalisation in online learning. Main applications currently used are recommender systems, personalised learning paths, personalised feedback as also tools for supporting meta-cognitive skills.

What is your favourite MOOC personalisation:

  • a dashboard component showing visualisation of your logs or performances, or compare your performance with others ?
  • a personal recommender or a social recommender ?
  • a motivational agent …