Workshop on Social Navigation at AH2006

Peter Brusilovsky, Jon Dron, and Jaakko Kurhila are organizing a workshop at the Adaptive Hypermedia Conference in Dublin, the proceedings for that workshop are online at the workshop site.

The workshop explores social navigation and community-based adaptation techniques, including, but by no means limited to:

Social navigation processes and metaphors
History-rich systems/wear-ware
Economy of community-based systems: encouraging users to contribute
Annotation mechanisms and and its use for navigation support
Interoperability between social navigation environments (persistent identities, RSS, mashups, authorisation, authentication etc)
Educational uses and affordances of social navigation
Theoretical underpinnings of community – based systems: stigmergy, ant-trail algorithms, signalling theory, self-organisation, emergence etc
Community-based adaptation in information retrieval
Capturing and processing implicit and explicit feedback
Group adaptation algorithms
Group-oriented collaborative recommendation technologies
Combinatorial approaches
Visualising small-world/scale-free networks
Evaluation of community-based adaptation techniques

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