Mobiele Technologie Talk at IPON2012 (updated)


Just some reflection on my keynote at IPON (ICT Platform Onderwijs) in Utrecht today.

first find my slides in dspace at:


Specht. M. (2012, 29 March). Mobiele technologie in het onderwijs. Presentation at the IPON 2012 ICT Platform Onderwijs, Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Basically IPON is a trade show with a variety of podia and stands of all kinds of technology and software companies offering services on the dutch market.

I gave a talk about “mobile technology for learning” mainly following the argumentation line:

  1. A calculator is a mobile device used since ages in the classroom.
  2. smartphones deliver the same functionality and much more!
  3. so but there is one problem …
  4. kids do not want to use it for the things that teachers want them to do.
  5. So as a follow up I showed several apps and some ideas on how to use them in the classroom and beyond as the main power of mobile devices lies in that they

    • are a bridge to the world of the users
    • these are personal and always with them devices
    • they can be used in and outside the classroom
    • they can collect media of all sorts
    • they can be contextualized (or adaptive to the situation)
  6. some of the apps that I used:

    • iStandford, Moodle Mobile
    • audioboo, Evernote
    • weather, Nike+, bar coo, wikitude
    • whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook
    • ARLearn, Mooble

Basically one can say already with quite some basic tools you get out of the box you can implement mobile and ubiquitous learning support today. In most cases users should focus on one feature to be introduced at the time, and understand what they can do with it.

After that I watched two other sessions: Guido van Dijk was talking about Connect College and how the school developed a vision leading to the ICT implementation strategy. The result of this project was a quite impressive movie about the vision statement of Connect College which I will post as soon as I get my hands on.

A second session was announced about Bring Your Own Device, but to be honest as a conclusion of that session one can say: “You need a safe and stable network on which users can log in with different devices!” Yes! and of course you should purchase that with supplier XYZ.

In general there have been quite some interesting sessions on the trade show, further I have not seen so many interactive whiteboards on a trade show ever. Ok the last years I have not been on trade shows in general. So in this sense it seem obvious, lot of vendors want to sell their 80″ touch screens that you can use as table or hanging on the wall. This seem to fit quite well with our research works on Ambient Displays and how to use them for learning. Nevertheless most of these solutions are really expensive still, so you can ask: Should I school really invest in screens of 10.000 each? ups.