Building Sensor Based Apps for iOS update

Last year I build some apps makeing use of sensors build into the iPhone.

This blog post gives an overview of resources I have explored and found helpful as also examples used.

I tried out some sample code and started to experiment with sensors build into the iPhone.


  • A first pretty cool example reminded me of the ContextBlogger that Tim once started. Tagging events with timestamp, tags, GPS location. This is basically what you get from TaggedLocations: If you want to try yourself beware you can only deploy stuff to phones and not run them in the simulator as you need the sensor stuff in the hardware, so compile and run will give you an error with the “No architectures to compile for (ARCHS=i386, VALID_ARCHS=armv6 armv7)”.
  • Second one was a Teslameter (Hi Stefaan ;-)) this one gives you the Gyroscope data and visualizes them in a kind of simple trikorder user interfaces.
  • A simple “air level” Wasserwaage is the third one. Interesting in relation to keep balance whilst doing an other activity, so one could use the module in experiments to calm down as in the Air Medic game
More example to come, good book is