iPhone projects from RWTH on iTunes U

 Today I watched the project presentation of the iPhone programming course from the RWTH, all videos and materials are available on iTunes U. Quite nice projects that offer new services for students and educators for the RWTH campus. There is also a WIKI page for the final projects.

Final Projects:

  • iL2Phone: A mobile client for the L2P System
  • iUConnect: A location based social interaction app.
  • iMensa: Check todays menu with recommenda
  • Flashcards: Learn for your exams alone or in multi-player mode.
  • uDay: Schedule your lectures, find your way to the lecture halls.
  • Hörsäle: Gives a survey of the RWTH lecture halls

Would be interesting what kind of apps and services would be relevant also for lifelong learners of OUNL type. For lifelong learners the daily environment becomes your campus. The project presentations show classical flashcards applications (with a nice tweak on collaborative flashcards), scheduling, location tracking, social networking, and others. Quite a broad use of frameworks and nice demos.


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